Workplace Webinars

Abate Counselling and EAP Workplace Webinars

Abate Counselling and EAP Ltd., provide high quality Workplace Webinars for teams that may be spread out due to Covid-19 or for whom it it hard to get all staff together at once.

Our Workplace Webinars cover Wellbeing and Anxiety, The Science of Happiness, Resilience and Flourishing and Mindfulness On-The-Go. Our trainer is fully accredited Counsellor Tara Morrisey (ACI).

Our Workplace Webinars are delivered via Zoom or Microsoft Teams and include an option for a follow up session two weeks later to ensure that the skills and practices learned in the webinar are integrated into the staffs daily lives and work practices.

Our Workplace Webinars and wellness programme aims to provide the following benefits to staff teams: Fewer sick days, better job satisfaction, improved productivity, better decision making, resilience, increased energy, better stress management and greater optimism.

Wellbeing and Anxiety Workplace Webinar

This interactive workshop covers the science of wellness, how we get stressed and what  is actually going on in the body when we get anxious. We would look at the fundamentals of self care: nutrition, sleep and exercise. We cover how the brain responds to stress, breathing exercises, gratitude practices and how to thrive. Practically, this webinar imparts plenty of stress and anxiety management skills to improve staff members overall wellbeing.

The Science of Happiness Workplace Webinar

This Webinar covers the Science of Happiness, what is happiness and what can we learn from the places constantly rated as the happiest in the world. Themes of this workshop include diet and nutrition, relationships, mindfulness, meaning making, positive emotions, retirement, longevity and gratitude. The workshop teaches practical skill to help us to apply this knowledge in our lives. 

Resilience and Flourishing Workplace Webinar

This Webinar covers what we mean by resilience and how we can embed this concept into our daily lives. The webinar looks at how we can move beyond struggle towards flourishing by turning crisis into opportunity. We look at styles of unhelpful thinking and learn from Stoic philosophy from the last 2000 years to learn to cope with our daily lives. Very pertinent given the recent event of the Global Pandemic.

Mindfulness On-The-Go Workplace Webinar

We all could use the skills of Mindfulness to return ourselves more to the present moment and be fully present in our lives, but we don’t always have the time to stop and meditate. This workshop is geared towards busy people and busy workplaces to get the benefits of Mindfulness practices while on the move.

Our Trainer: Tara Morrisey

Tara is a fully accredited counsellor and clinical supervisor with more than 10 years experience working with adolescents, families, individuals and groups. Tara works from person centred, integrative approach with an emphasis an mindfulness and trauma informed practice.

To get in touch or hear more about how one of our webinars could help your staff team please feel free to contact us on 1800 222 833 or email: