What is

an EAP?

An Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is a purpose built service that offers a vehicle for employees to resolve the many and varied, personal or work related concerns, which can have an effect on their performance in the workplace.

These concerns can include: depression, anxiety, stress, relationship difficulties, anger management issues, harassment and bullying and other associated issues.

Abate Counselling & EAP Limited’s EAP Service assist people to explore and resolve the difficulties they are experiencing and help them discover alternative ways of managing themselves so that they can decide what course of action or behaviour will be helpful and productive for them.

Abate Counselling & EAP Limited recognise the fact that early identification of problems, by the employees themselves, or other concerned individuals, can reduce the negative impact on work performance. Resolving some of the major employee difficulties via Abate Counselling & EAP Limited’s individually tailored EAP Service greatly assists in achieving a more happy and balanced outlook necessary for an organisation to perform at the highest level.


Why should



have an EAP?

Abate Counselling & EAP Limited are conscious of the fact that in recent times the workplace environment has changed beyond all recognition. Companies are now facing unparalleled, increased competition in the commercial arena.

Organisations, and by default, their employees are under increasing pressure to perform at optimum level at all times, resulting in longer working hours and increased workloads.

Abate Counselling & EAP Limited recognise that one of the most important assets a company can have is its labour force. It is therefore within an organisation’s best interest to produce an environment that is positive and workforce oriented. Abate Counselling & EAP Limited have Employee Assistance Programmes that are a key element in maintaining a successful and cost-effective business.

Our dedicated EAPs promote a sense of well-being amongst personnel that has a knock-on effect of increasing efficiency, productivity, satisfaction and crucially, long-term committment towards the employing organisation.


the right

EAP Provider

Abate Counselling & EAP Limited has long since realised the need for an EAP Service to reflect the core values and ideals of individual companies in order to achieve optimum Worklife balance. Abate Counselling & EAP Limited are skilled and proficient in determining these decisive factors. Our initial exploratory meetings with organisations define and determine the exact nature of these requirements and result in a dedicated, proactive and uniquely structured progamme specific to that organisation.

Our individually tailored EAP Service offer confidential and independent assessment, referral, short-term counselling and follow-up for employees confronted with the personal and work oriented stresses that are an intrinsic part of modern life.

Abate Counselling & EAP Limited’s EAP Service is synonymous with:

  • Enhanced employee performance, committment and motivation
  • Reduction in sick leave, illness and absenteeism
  • Improved Union/Management relations
  • The employer is perceived as caring, considerate and concerned about employees’ welfare
  • Stimulating greater communication, time management, and productivity
  • Increased sense of well-being and morale
  • An increase in concentration levels leading to a decrease in workplace accidents

Factors to


Abate Counselling & EAP Limited have long since recognised that all Employee Assistance Programmes, whilst fundamentally having similar components, should be adapted to suit the specific needs of the company wishing to incorporate an EAP into their charter. We at Abate Counselling & EAP Limited are specialists in this field, generating an EAP Service that is innovative, hands-on and uniquely dedicated to that organisation.

The identification, analysis and monitoring of the elements that best reflect the needs of an organisation and its employees is hugely significant, as this determines the precise EAP model to be used.

Abate Counselling & EAP Limited have long since acknowledged such a need, as is evident in the successful dynamics of our individually dedicated EAPs, coupled with the fact that our focus is on using only the best people to care for both you and your employees.

In addition to this, Abate Counselling & EAP Limited’s EAP Service act as a support mechanism for managers and HR to help them recognise and combat problem areas, contribute to policy expansion, and also provide necessary, vital statistics and feedback regarding the diverse issues that are presented.

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