Pay As You Use EAP

Abate Counselling and EAP Ltd. Ireland’s Pay as you use EAP (Employee Assistance Program)

Accidents at work, employee struggling, addictions in the work team! For a manager these issues can be hard to deal with; how do you keep the show on the road and at the same time support individual staff members that are struggling?

At Abate Counselling we know that a full EAP, open to all staff is not what every company and employer needs or wants. This is why we operate pay as you use services for those companies that require staff seen by counselors or supported only at very specific times

Our team is ready to be used in this way should you wish to refer someone. There is no joining fee for coming on board with us on this service and your staff member will receive the same standard of care as we give to any client.

In this model management from your company would phone or email us to let us know an employee will be calling or for us to call them. Then we will set the client up with six sessions with one of our counselling team.

Sessions for this service are then billed to you directly all in one go, whenever the employee has finished. Sessions are billed at €100.00 plus VAT.

Counselling and an approach that supports both employee and employer. Get in touch today!

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