Anxiety Ireland

As part of our wider range of services for the general public we own and operate Anxiety Ireland.

Our Vision

Anxiety Ireland provides information and encouragement to those suffering with anxiety in Ireland. Our goal is to engage, inform and empower. Then if necessary to connect people to accredited professionals to manage, transform and overcome their anxiety.

We set up Anxiety Ireland because in our consulting rooms we meet and encounter a silent anxious epidemic happening every day in Ireland. We want an Ireland where in this epidemic people no longer must suffer in silence. Our vision is of a time where anxiety is talked about openly, accepted, and understood and where treatment is easily obtained.

What Will Happen When You Contact Us


You will be listened to. We can discuss what is happening for you and how anxiety is having an impact on your life. We can give you some information on anxiety, the things you’re experiencing and help you put it into context.

We can explore the options available to you and discuss linking you with your nearest mental health professional best positioned to help you with these issues.

Email or call us to arrange a free consolation on what is troubling you, and the best place to go from here. Even if we can’t chat just there and then we will arrange a time to call you back.

Here we will also mirror our Anxiety Ireland Blog on our Abate Counselling Website