Addiction counselling is one of the first lines of defence for those who consider themselves to be addicts entering into recovery or beginning the recovery process. At Abate our counsellors are there to act as a guide to an individual who has an addiction issue as he/she journeys down the road to recovery.

At Abate our addiction counsellors will be supportive of the patient, and not judgmental; providing support, education, and constructive observations when the individual needs it.

Although a counsellor is there to provide support and a venue for an individual with addiction to work through problems, it is important to keep in mind that the motivation for change is within the individual.

Counsellors may steer conversations based on what he/she feels the patient needs to discuss, encouraging each patient to speak openly and honestly about his/her problems which results in more successful sessions.

Counsellors can provide individual or group counselling, as well as couples or family therapy.

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